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gee, it's time to be serious about this blog. The problem is lb (shell script used on this site) doesn't have a tagging function, so I might have to find other tools, extend the script itself, or someone else already has a fork that does it. But for now, I am just gonna stick with it. My site is not big (for now), but I believe unix magic will fix whatever I might have to deal with in the future.


I got a lot of blogging ideas queued, but for now I gotta suffer from this thing we call "mid-term exams" in uni. So, stay tuned!


So here's my new "temporary" email address


So, uh, I know it's not the best thing I could chose but at least it's a gazillion times better than gmail. Although Disroot is not a demographically neutral provider, they don't have all the nonsense that google want to shovel down your throat. Yes I know I talk about self-hosting my stuff but it is just a pain to get static ip from my ISP. I mean you can do almost everything you want with dynamic ip, like a website, xmpp, or the like. You could probably do email with dynamic ip, but you probably shouldn't. But hey, that's a progress. At least I'm not being cucked by Big Tech anymore, and email is the only thing left to deal with. desu

我知道disroot沒有比較好,但它至少比google好上n倍了。雖然disroot本身的立場比較沒那麼中立,至少不用處理google丟給你的各種狗屁倒灶。我知道我先前有講過要自架email啦,但是要拿到固定ip我目前還是有點困難啦。基本上只有動態ip還是能做的到web、xmpp之類的,不過email server最好還是要有固定ip比較好。至少這已經算是大躍進啦,我已經不再被Big Tech支配了,剩下來要做的就是自架email拉。

Remember to give me your gpg key when you email me. Will post mine on the site later. Be aware that google does read your email.

Email我的時候記得附上你的gpg key,我之後會再把我的po上來。要記住,google是可以讀你的email的。

When I have time, I'm gonna play with tor, i2p, ipfs, freenet, gnunet, and the like, and mirror this site on those places. And for the clearnet I'll also switch to neocities and codeberg. There's never enough backup, eh.


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